Where can I find EV charging stations?

Where can I find ev charging stations

The future of auto technology is indeed an exciting one. Today’s drivers can now enjoy electric vehicles that run entirely on electricity instead of gasoline. This alternative power source offers significant savings – over $10,000 comes back to the owner’s pockets within five years.  According to the US Energy Administration Association, switching to the plug also strengthens the U.S. economy, as the majority of our nation’s electricity is generated from domestic power stations.

Currently, there are more than 37,000 charging stations in the US, with more stations added every day.  Here are some common places you might find a charging station.

  1. Workplace/Businesses

Many companies are investing in electric vehicles (EVs) as part of their fleets.  These companies are incorporating plug-in stations at their parking lots for employee use.  Check with your workplace to see if a charging station is installed and available for employee use.  In addition, many businesses are installing charging stations for customer use.  You can “re-fuel” your vehicle while shopping.

  1. Hotels

Some hotels, bed and breakfasts and other lodging places have already installed charging stations for guests with electric vehicles. Before traveling long distances, it’s important to know who has them and who doesn’t. For specific charging station locations for travel planning, take a look at the US Department of Energy Website .  Type in an address to locate charging stations in the area.

  1. Auto Shops

Electric vehicles can be ‘fueled’ in places that conventional gasoline vehicles can’t, and many auto shops have the ability to charge them. If your auto shop does have a charging station, why not charge your EV while it is being repaired?

  1. Residential Areas

Electric vehicles can also be charged through a standard outlet. It can take a little longer to get a full charge, but typically owners charge overnight with no issues.  EV owners can also purchase and install a faster home charger called a Level 2 charger. Learn more about these chargers from our blog Should I Own An EV If I Don’t Have a Home Charger. Also, some apartment buildings and condos may have charging stations for tenants.  If you own an EV and your apartment complex doesn’t have a charging station, talk to the owner about the potential benefits of installing one.

For more information on electric vehicles, visit www.evolvewithliberty.com.