The Difference in the Batteries of an EV and Gas Car

the difference in the batteries of an ev and gas car
There are some major differences between batteries used in gas-powered vehicles and the batteries found in electric cars. Though electric car batteries look somewhat similar to the conventional 12 volt batteries of traditional vehicles, the similarities are only superficial. Batteries built specifically for gas-powered vehicles should never be placed in electric vehicles. Each type of battery has a unique internal structure. A traditional vehicle’s battery is incapable of withstanding the power and heat requirements of electric cars.

How Electric Vehicle Batteries are Unique

The batteries used in electric vehicles require minimal energy when the vehicle is started. As the vehicle continues to operate, more energy is required from the battery as it provides power across an extended period of ride time. The batteries used in electric vehicles are designed to supply a steady amount of power in between charging sessions. This battery can be recharged as often as necessary without any sort of damage being inflicted on the battery’s internal components. This is why the batteries used in electric vehicles have a high Reserve Capacity (RC) rating compared to the batteries used in conventional vehicles.

Power Differences

The standard 12 volt battery used in a gas-powered vehicle is made with six cells. Each cell offers just over two volts of power. The lead plates used in such batteries allow for a chemical reaction to occur with the surrounding acidic materials. These plates are kept quite thin in order to permit rapid movement of numerous electrons when the vehicle is started. Batteries used in electric vehicles are designed with uber-thick lead plates. These plates do not provide much power at the vehicle’s start-up yet permit a slow and steady discharge so the battery can be used for an extended period of time. These batteries also have more cells due to their unique internal design. As a result, the cells of batteries used in electric vehicles tend to resemble one massive battery.

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