Proper Charging Etiquette for Plug-in Electric Vehicles

As plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) continue to grow in popularity and as more PEVs are on the road, proper etiquette for public charging stations is going to be a hot topic. So what is proper electric vehicle charging etiquette?

Proper Charging Etiquette for Plug-in Electric Vehicles1. Be safe and respectful to the equipment. Make sure you neatly wind cords on their holders to avoid a tripping hazard or damage to the cord from being stepped on or driven over.

2. Electric vehicle charging spots are only for electric vehicles. Even in a crowded parking lot, it is a firm rule that gas-powered vehicle drivers should not park in spots designated for plug-in electric vehicles.

3. Once your vehicle is fully charged, or charged enough to complete your travels, you should move it to allow another PEV driver to charge their car. There are smartphone apps that can text or email you a notification when your charging session is finished.

4. If your vehicle doesn’t need a charge, you should leave the spot for a fellow electric vehicle driver who may need to charge their vehicle.

5. A PEV driver should not unplug another PEV. Also, a PEV driver should not unplug a plug-in hybrid because they have a gas engine as a back-up.

With just a few rules of the road we’ll all move down this awesome journey into electric vehicles together.