Get Maximum Efficiency When Driving Your Electric Car

Get maximum efficiency when driving your electric car

In most circumstances, electric vehicles (EVs) are more efficient than gas-powered vehicles.  Still, there are things you can do to improve your mileage in an EV even more, just like in a gas-powered car.  Adjusting a few driving habits can help you get the most miles from a single visit to a charging station.

1) Ease Up On the Pedal

Aggressive driving uses up about 30% more fuel than cautious driving.  An electric vehicle will lose about 10% of its efficiency for every 10 miles per hour driven over the speed limit.  Beating the occasional yellow light is fine, but pushing your vehicle consistently is like leaving volts on the freeway.

2) Keep Up With Maintenance

While durability is a hallmark of an EV, every car needs a little TLC.  Regular preventative maintenance includes checking tire pressure consistently to ensure you’re not driving on under-inflated tires and replacing coolant so the engine does not overheat.

3) Minimize Electrical Use

A car that runs on electricity will shed miles when the radio, air conditioning, and GPS are running.  Try using ventilation to heat or cool the interior; consider listening to an mp3 player rather
than the car radio; and get directions ahead of time so the GPS can rest.  By reducing the electrical demands, you keep more battery life available for driving.

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