5 Products that are Good for the Earth

5 Products that are good for the earth!


People are becoming more concerned with the environmental impacts of the products they use. Today, it’s not only about utility and price. People take the time to consider how a product will impact the planet. Let’s take a look at five products that are good for the earth.

Green GPS

How can GPS be green? The Pama Eco Navigator Satellite Navigation System can significantly reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint by determining the most fuel efficient routes. It can log details of the routes you take so you can check your car’s fuel efficiency on specific drives.  It also provides an in-depth diagnostic analysis of your vehicle’s performance.

Electric Cars

Gas-powered vehicles emit pollutants into our air. Electric vehicles (EVs) rely on electricity and batteries rather than gasoline and, because of this technology, have no emissions.  This is the most environmentally friendly vehicle commuting solution.

Solar Speakers

Solar panels are powering all sorts of devices including speakers. Solar panel-powered speakers like the wireless variety developed by Eton Rukus rely on the sun’s power to provide a great sound. The solar panels are placed on top of the speakers to absorb as much light as possible.

Green Stain Removers

Some household cleaners are bad for the environment and for your health.  Arm & Hammer’s Essentials 2X Concentrated does an excellent job of removing stains, costs less than $4, and has no adverse impact on the environment.

Dryer Balls

There is no point in running your dryer for a full cycle when you can dry your garments in half the time with the use of dryer balls. These spiked rubber balls move the clothes away from one another to speed up the drying process. Unlike dryer sheets, you can use dryer balls over and over again. The result is a financial savings as well as a conservation of energy.